Automate-Student Management  Improve-Student Performance  Engage-Students Fully

Smile. Teach better, keep your students fully engaged, improve their performance and delight their parents, with an uncomplicated, time-saving and automated classroom management and student management software. It saves you from repetitive manual tasks, and gives you the flexibility and complete control to manage your virtual classroom.



Timetable scheduling

Create your timetable easily and quickly with colour codes to distinguish and identify different class sessions or subjects. Everytime you update your timetable and schedule your class, all your students will have an updated timetable. You don't have to send multiple WhatsApp messages or make several phone calls to individual students to notify them about a change in your timetable.

Student profiles

Creating spreadsheets with important details of all your students, including their addresses, phone numbers, mail ids, their subjects, and more can now be time-consuming. Now with Upswing Classroom you can easily manage your students' information in a centralised dashboard.


Automatic attendance

No more registers, no excels, no diaries, no referring to online messages to keep track of your student attendance. Managing multiple student attendance records is now easy,convenient and automated. When a student logs in,his attendance is automatically captured by Upswing Classroom.