Grow - Your Business  Manage - Virtual Classrooms  Deliver - More Value

Investing in educational software like Upswing Classroom helps reduce the stress of managing everything alone and grow your business with ease. Deliver value at scale by managing billing, scheduling, test paper setting, LMS, notifications and much more, at an affordable price that will help you recover your investments in no time.



Simplified management

Managing your tuition classes alone or with multiple teachers is difficult and demanding. Upswing Classroom gives you a fully-loaded software that increases your administration efficiency and helps you grow your business, by removing the complexity of day-to-day operations.

Better learning outcomes

Intelligent technology designed to help you create better learning modules is an appreciating asset. Students are able to understand concepts better, improving their learning outcomes and overall performance.


24/7 tutor friend

Available 24/7 anywhere, anytime, Upswing Classroom helps you plan your holidays without the stress. So even while you take time off, you can manage your time, scheduling or setting reminders with just a click and leave the rest to Upswing Classroom.

Business Intelligence

You need data for better decision-making. From activity-based learning, attendance to fee payment, billing to attendance, all of this data is now available for you to identify areas of focus that will help you grow your business and improve the quality of your teaching.